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Spün poetry gone cyber's Journal

13th April, 2006. 8:51 pm.(vinitlee)


Sry this isnt poetry or anything, just wondering if anyone happened to see, pick up, etc
a blue notebook.

I had it during SPUN and it was missing by the time I was at DD (right after SPUN), so I assumed.

It has lots of value to me (sentimental (alll my stuff in this thing)) and
It looks like this

blue notebook

Thanks for any help,

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5th April, 2006. 12:01 pm. Very short e-mail regarding Regionals from Jared Paul(babyinthecorner)

Spun is invited to send a 5 person team to compete at a regional team
slam this saturday at AS220. 2-5pm.
Competing teams are:
*Providence A
*Providence B
*Broad Street Studio

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3rd April, 2006. 9:03 pm. SLAM REGIONALS(babyinthecorner)

Some of you many know that, in addition to being an alumnae of The Academy and a Junior at The Met, my friend Laura is an amazing slam poet and is very involved in the Providence Poetry Slam scene. Why am I telling you this? Because today she asked me if La Salle could put together a team for the youth slam Regionals at AS220 this Saturday from two to five. According to Laura, we would be competing against the Providence Youth Slam team, the Providence B Team, the Broad Street team, and a team or some from Connecticut and Massachusetts. I'll post more information as I get it?

My questions for the Fearless Leaders:
Is this okay? I was kind of shanked into doing this.

My questions for you, fair SPUNers:
I know this really short noticed, but is anyone interested/available to be a part of this team? I need to know within the next day. If this is okay with the Fearless Leaders, then I'll leave it up to them to choose who goes to Regionals?

(Cross-posted to MySpace)

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26th March, 2006. 7:19 pm. Yearbook(smilegirl1416)

Okay, well, thanks to a brilliant suggestion of mine, we are showcasing some student poetry in the yearbook this year. Everyone pick out a poem that they wrote and find a way to get it to me this week. Do your best to find one that is G-rated...ish. I won't edit them unless you spelled something horribly wrong, so anything unacceptable will just be left out, try to find something nice. It can be about anything, however, I think we should try to keep the teen-angst to a minimum. Thanks!


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1st March, 2006. 6:23 pm. THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON FRIDAY NIGHT(pyrodragonrs)

To those of you who are spreading rumors (that means you, Lasalle website and edline!): there is NO coffee house/slam/poetry out loud/anything on Friday evening. Regular Spün meeting Friday afternoon. This is direct from Ms. Krause. The Poetry Out Loud competition will be on March 29th, again from Ms. Krause.

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6th February, 2006. 3:32 pm. Coffee House(pyrodragonrs)

Hello SPüN-ers!

If you were not at the meeting on Friday and you want to read at the coffee house tomorrow night, be there at 6:30 so you can be included in the program. This is the word from Ms. Krause. Also, please smack anyone upside the head who attempts to assert that the reading is only for faculty as this is NOT TRUE.

Thanks and see you there!
-Your Scribe,

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27th January, 2006. 5:37 pm.(babyinthecorner)

I'm posting this just in case someone didn't receive this e-mail from Ms. Krause:

Special announcement in advance: on Friday, January 27, SPUN is meeting in the chorus room at 2:45 (applause).
I'll be making a short announcement about Poetry Out Loud, a national program just getting underway. Our poetry club is going to represent Lasalle Academy this year. I'll be collecting more details and I'll let you know more soon.
Other big news: we have a COFFEEHOUSE in the Brothers' House on Tuesday Feb. 7 at 7pm-- mark your calendars; invite friends! We're highlighting faculty readings this time, blending with student readings-- so get your poems ready! Our meetings are a great time to practice reading them out loud. I'd like to get together a schedule by next Friday Jan 3. Even though there is noon dismissal that Friday b/c of Winter ball, we should still have a meeting right after school to get ready for the coffeehouse.

That's it--we'll talk more Friday!
Take care,
Ms. Krause"

Poetry Out Loud seems like a really cool opportunity! I asked Ms. Krause about it yesterday because I knew that I wouldn't be able to SPUN, but I'm curious as to how everyone else feels about it. Comments?

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28th October, 2005. 7:35 pm. A word(parallelport)

Since Spün isn't exactly a top-of-the-rank cheerleading squad (and no offense to cheerleaders) in the first place, I'm not sure we have the right to be malicious toward people who come here and who we think are lamer than we are in some way. This has definitely happened at meetings more than once. And the fact that other people in the club are doing it gives us no excuse to go out of our way to be mean. I know this refers to something specific and I'm making a general statement which is totally wrong/passive-aggressive/whatever, but to use the words of a specific social worker I know, I'd just like to put that out there.


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9th October, 2005. 4:10 pm. Spun Poems!(allies_kaput)

Hi everyone! I've got some of spun's latest and greatest, as well as one of my own.
~Firstly here are our newest:

Dress Code RemindersCollapse )
~As well as
G Rated Pickup LinesCollapse )

~And one of my own, the first serious one I've written in a while, so comments would be appreciated
BussesCollapse )

~The last order of business is for me to remind you all of the upcoming Poe-tree Night next Friday. The theme will be Autumn (but mostly Halloween) and I'll send a more in-detail e-mail out to everyone. It's open, so invite your friends if you have any, and don't forget a costume!

Current mood: artistic.

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21st September, 2005. 9:56 pm. 1000 Blank White Cards(parallelport)

Hi Spün!

Anyone wanna play 1000 Blank White Cards? It's sort of a cross between our collaborative poems and, um, collectible card games.


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