Hester Mofet (babyinthecorner) wrote in lsa_spun,
Hester Mofet


Some of you many know that, in addition to being an alumnae of The Academy and a Junior at The Met, my friend Laura is an amazing slam poet and is very involved in the Providence Poetry Slam scene. Why am I telling you this? Because today she asked me if La Salle could put together a team for the youth slam Regionals at AS220 this Saturday from two to five. According to Laura, we would be competing against the Providence Youth Slam team, the Providence B Team, the Broad Street team, and a team or some from Connecticut and Massachusetts. I'll post more information as I get it?

My questions for the Fearless Leaders:
Is this okay? I was kind of shanked into doing this.

My questions for you, fair SPUNers:
I know this really short noticed, but is anyone interested/available to be a part of this team? I need to know within the next day. If this is okay with the Fearless Leaders, then I'll leave it up to them to choose who goes to Regionals?

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