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Spun Poems!

Hi everyone! I've got some of spun's latest and greatest, as well as one of my own.
~Firstly here are our newest:

By: Spün
“Dress Code Reminders”

Just in case you’ve forgotten...
When I was a freshman, my upperclassmen friends told me they could pick me out in a crowded hallway because my skirt was longer than everyone else’s.
Bishop Tolbin sez: if you wear Chucks on Monday, you’re going to hell!
I love school uniforms!
I wish we could wear them everyday!!!!!!
Wear regularly regular dress shoes.
Never consume any more scarf worth dreams and glide off
um, please
keep em busy, keep em natural.
I see McGinn eat a freshman with his top button un-buttoned.
Monday, Monday, Monday
Dress code, Dress code, Dress code.
Yeah, how about we be safe instead
Mr. Finnegan
Pull down that skirt
It’s already a jungle as it is!
Sit straight
Buttons up to your eyes
Pants bunched tightly round your waist
Orthopedic shoes laced
Collar straight
I Hate Clothes
Let’s be nude
Fuckers... I wish we could wear colorful wigs and/or knee high hooker boots.
Fuck that top button.
Don’t want a single inch bare, and hey, let’s be careful out there
Mr. McGinn says, “You’re a whore!”
Be careful out there!

Oxford shirts to hide your voluptuous swelling womanhood.

Your house is on fire.

~As well as

By Spün
“G Rated Pick up Lines”

How much???

Sorry if this seems a bit forward, but would you like to suck my dick?
Is your (dot inside a circle inside another circle) infected? Because the pus makes me feel like a ... like a ... Roboto Fotto
Hey baby, are you gonna walk to your car by yourself later?
Excuse me miss, have you ever seen a trouser snake? [You’re about to!]
Get your taste buds ready, cuz I’m as sweet as candy
-So baby, what’s your sign?
-Do not enter
That shirt’s becoming on you, but if I was on you, I’m sure I’d be coming too.
So you’re a math major huh? I’d love to fall tangent to your curves.
Hey, let’s go “play” in the “sandbox”.
Are you a small triangle? Because you sure are acute.
Use a nerdy pickup line: “Hey baby, you and I are sinusoidal functions wanna oscillate horizontally?
If I could arrange the alphabet I’d put you + me together
Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only ten I see.
Mix me up, sugar cup
(Name) your hair is so soft!
How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Can I have a piggy back ride?
Is that a mirror in yo pocket? Cuzz I can see myself in yo pants baby aw!
Cock!... I mean... rooster...I own one?
Grated pickup lines? I’ll grate your cheese.
Fuck you, pickup lines aren’t Disney movies!
You have the most beautiful eyes

~And one of my own, the first serious one I've written in a while, so comments would be appreciated

Knick Knack Kerouac
A boy with an existentialist view

Everyone in Paris is so deep that if you stood the Seine on its side
…it would be the Seine on its side
I went to Paris to channel my inner Ginsberg.
What happened?
I drank coffee and meditated in crumbling cathedrals
None of that made my poetry any better.

I write in busses so I can make up stories of the portly homeless man going to drink away the five dollars he made just by looking so pathetic. He rants about acid and the 60s and STARES at me while I

Skritch Skratch Skritch Skratch
Abrasive personalities crash on the bus

The black teenagers sit in the back even though Rosa Parks was arrested for them

The white fag prays please manipulate time so he can step out and light his

The boy with porcelain teeth sits directly across from Metal Mouth and they both glance at each other…and smile.
Then look away.

While I
Skritch Skratch Skritch Skratch
I’m observing life without participating. Hoping to get high off other people’s thoughts. It’s easy when you’re off your
And on the bus where people think out loud.
Stalking stops talking, Keep talking until the spit dries in your mouth. Funny, when you were at the stop you were so full of spit it leaked into the cracks in the sidewalk.

I can taste the cigarette the person in front of me was smoking before he got on
He glances over his shoulder to look at me hearing the
Skritch Skratch
I had blocked out by Now

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why they put on the air conditioning in the dead of winter, but the little girl who forgot her sweater shivers and quakes. She’s taking the bus so maybe she doesn’t have enough $$$ for a sweater.
The guy wearing Gucci obviously does, but he’s black so he must live in the inner city, and it’s just impractical to own a car and live in the city.
It IS practical to read on the bus and I love to see what books people are reading. Usually trashy romance novels…

I am a poet because I am loud. But I’m quiet on the bus for fear someone will ask me to indulge in my personal life. But I only do that on paper.
Actually, that’s a lie. I’m a poet because I’m a liar too. But paper doesn’t care to know the difference. So on the bus I’m quiet and I think up lies about the woman with the hacking cough sitting in front of me
and her romances in Paris.
Beside the Seine.
Where everyone is so much more deep than I

Skritch Skratch Skritch Skratch

~The last order of business is for me to remind you all of the upcoming Poe-tree Night next Friday. The theme will be Autumn (but mostly Halloween) and I'll send a more in-detail e-mail out to everyone. It's open, so invite your friends if you have any, and don't forget a costume!
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